Via Francigena in Lombardy

PS01 – Rural Park South Milan - 51,7 km

Total length
51.7 km

It is a loop itinerary with excellent starting points for visiting an area that men started changing in the Middle Ages. A man-made landscape, also defined as "A plain all turned over, and almost remade by our bare hands"

You can see, first of all, military and rural hydraulic projects, used for trade and communications. Then architecture: every hamlet of that area is a gem, with its parish churches, castles, and fortified farmsteads.

In the northern part of the route it is also possible to know and buy local produce from many farm businesses.

The long cycling tracks are not always connected with each other. Sections also used by cars – especially around Locate Triulzi – must be watched out for when traffic is heavy.

Itinerary made on behalf of Regione Lombardia - Commercio, Turismo e Servizi in 2012.

Project powered by Regione Lombardia and Via Francigena European Association

Regione Lombardia

Associazione Europea delle Vie Francigene

Project supported by Regione Lombardia and the European Association of Francigena Routes | Powered by ItinerAria