Via Francigena in Lombardy

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    Cycling Itineraries in Lombardy

The CicloVia Francigena crosses the southern part of Lombardy for 140 km, along a flat route divided into 4 stages, which can be covered consecutively or divided into several day trips. The departure and arrival points of each stage are well connected to Milan by train + bike service.

The Ciclovia Francigena





Connections with Milan and other routes

The CicloVia Francigena is part of a network of cycle paths, which in addition to connecting the main axis with Milan allow you to explore the agricultural plain by composing various linear or ring routes. We suggest you to visualize the general map to create your itinerary, here below we list our proposals.  


P1 - From Milan to Pavia on the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio di Bereguardo




P2 - From Milan to Pavia on the Naviglio Pavese

An itinerary that can also be followed to the north to link up with route P1, and close a ring in stages between Pavia and Milan.



P3 - From Milan to Orio Litta through the Rural Park South Milan

It is possible to link sections of the PA01, PS01 and PS02 routes to cross Rural Park South Milan and the Lodigiana Plain to reach Orio Litta. It can be a valid closing of a ring between the P1 route and the CicloVia Francigena.  




P4 - From Mortara to Pavia along the Lomellina ring

A pleasant itinerary through rice and corn fields, to discover Lomellina. It can be linked with the Via Francigena cycle to create a ring that starts from Pavia or Mortara.




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